willowstreamWhen I entered the lobby at the Fairmont Pacific Rim it was like walking into an opulent modern palace. The walls and Floors are draped with Carerra marble and custom millwork. The glass chandeliers hang above a bar and lounge that I would love to be seen in. I was directed to the elevators. It was only 5 floors up to heaven…oops I mean the Willow Stream Spa.

The steam room was covered in small mosaic tiles and glowed from the daylight shinning through the frosted windows. As I sat in the silence waiting for my pours to open I couldn’t help thinking about how happy I was to be without responsibility for a moment in time and that I did not have to clean all of this tile grout. I left the steam room and pressed a face cloth that had been soaking in ice water and aromatherapy oils against my hot skin. I only wish I would have allowed for more time to try the Rainforest experience shower with something like 20 shower heads. I could have spent the whole afternoon in the lounge equipped with a fireplace, House and Home worthy décor wrapped in my plush terry robe sipping on fruit-infused water but alas I was whisked away for my treatment.

I was guided to the treatment room by my esthetician Dianna. A beautiful city view caught my breath as I entered the room. Automatic roller shades came down and the treatment began. I was to receive the “C” results facial. Dianna quickly established that my skin was far too sensitive for that therapy. She was very professional and knowledgeable and quickly adapted my visit to my skin type. I can’t tell you exactly what I had done that day. I only know that I left feeling refreshed and some would say I glowed.

I am not used to being pampered. I have not been very good at justifying me time that doesn’t somehow relate back to taking care of my children. I am learning that time for me can vary from a cup of tea on the deck to a luxurious spa visit. Regardless of what you do for yourself it is imperative that you take that time to renew your spirit. I am looking forward to teaching myself more ways to fuel myself in our Mama Renew session.

When I left my house that morning I asked my husband if I looked like someone that could park Valet. I actually thought that I had to dress the part of award winning spa-goer. I realize now that there is no need to be intimidated by luxury. Once that robe is on you can be anyone you want. The staff at Willow Stream is there to care for you and recharge you.

I will return to Willow Stream. It will be on every birthday and Christmas wish list for the rest of my life. This spa experience I will remember and cherish because it reminded me that everyone deserves to be pampered….including us moms.