exercise-cartoonGive it another Shot:  In a world filled with PVR’s and Liposuction we can have anything we want with the touch of a remote control or the swipe of a debit card. Instant gratification has damaged our ability to use effort to achieve what we want. Let’s face it…if I didn’t win Fitness on the Go trainer for free I most likely would not have made it past that difficult and defeating first workout. I was determined to work hard but was so embarrassed by my first time performance that I felt crushed by disappointment. But, I got back up onto that pull up bar thanks to the support of my family, a little rationalization and knowing that all the wonderful women that didn’t win might resent me if I wasted this opportunity. Or at very least they might try to assume my identity to get some workouts and nike shoes.

Every new exercise I have tried so far has shocked my body in the initial session. If your body is not used to operating muscles in a certain fashion it becomes fatigued and you may feel like popping pain killers the next day. The key is to look past that first uncomfortable session and into the future where skinny thighs and hopefully skinny jeans await you. I forced myself to try spinning within one week following my first session. My endurance and cadence was noticeably improved. Instead of sitting majority of the time I was pedaling in aggressive stance with the rest of the class. It was not easy, but I was able to shove my body past the light-headedness and left the class soaked in sweat and feeling euphoric as if I had just climbed a mountain.

This experience has not been a leisurely walk in the park for me. I have persevered past the stiff muscles with a little Epson salts and personal pep talks. If you ladies try a new workout regime DO NOT GIVE UP!  I promise you that with a little effort comes large rewards not only in the way you look but the way you feel!

I want my daughters to learn that to get want you want you might need to sweat a little. Judging by the amount of times I have washed my workout clothes in the last month and a half I might just succeed.