ex_barbie_workoutDoes Barbie ever get winded?

“I think I am going to puke”

Did I say this?

a)     5 minutes into the workout
b)    15 minutes into the workout
c)     50 minutes into the workout

If you said b you are correct. I said “be right back” to my trainer, Stuart, as I wobbled to my patio door, opened it as wide as I could to breathe in the cold air in hopes of settling my nauseous stomach. This nausea can only be compared to the dose of Demerol I was given at 20 hours in labour. My head felt dizzy and disoriented. My body felt like jello. My heart felt discouraged and defeated. Here I was weaker than I could have ever imagined, collapsed on my living room floor with my eyes shut. With Stuart telling me that I should keep on walking that it will help. But all I wanted to do was give up. Much like when I told the doctor that I didn’t want to be in labour anymore and screamed “Just get the baby out!” After some stretching and breathing I was ready to try standing again. Success I did it…..Stand up that is.

I was in disbelief that my body shut down so quickly into my workout. I used to be stronger or I thought I was stronger carting 2 kids, groceries, miscellaneous junk in and around town. I once was a dancer. It was years ago now but, sometimes I think I could still pirouette and high kick like I am still a teenager. L and I will often dance in the living room, my mind plays tricks on me and I usually end up with a few pulled muscles. I don’t expect my body to resemble my younger self. I actually can’t even recall what I really looked like before.  I am not concerned with how my body looks but more about how my body feels.

It took me a couple of days to write about this. After my first workout finished and my mind began to clear I became aware of my current physical limitations. I have to worry that at 28 years old I feel exhausted after 15 minutes of exercise. Diabetes runs predominantly throughout my family history is what is scaring me the most. I had gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies. Thankfully it was diet controlled but, it was very clear that my body could not process the sugar. By having gestational diabetes my chances of developing type 2 diabetes later in life increase. My first workout was a reality check that I need to take control of my body and make a change now.

On the upside, it can only get better from here. Tonight I watched the Opening Ceremonies as I ran/walked on my sisters’ treadmill. I would have never done that before. I like to multitask but TV usually was only combined with folding laundry or some sewing or eating nachos….yummy. My sugar cravings are starting to dissipate as I have started working out and making sure I am having a balanced snack every few hours. With Valentines Day approaching I will most likely relapse from sugar withdrawal. I had a baby just 5 months ago and haven’t been doing any exercise up to this point. My body is just taking some time to catch up. Have you heard about muscle memory? Well I hope my muscles can remember what great shape they used to have in time for my next session.



Some tips for preparing for a workout


  • Drink lots of water. Not just before your work out. Unless you are looking to waste some time with extra trips to the washroom
  • Clear the Barbie’s from the floor so their arms don’t puncture you if you collapse
  • Eat something light but high in complex carbohydrates at least 1-2 hours before your workout. ie. Whole grain toast and peanut butter. French Fries are a no no ladies!
  • Clear the children from the room or preferably the house so they don’t hear you swear when your trainer says “ just 5 more reps”

Most importantly, have realistic expectations. You may not perform as you could have prior to having children. But it will get easier if you consistently keep working out.