Did you know how many famous people are a twin? Here are a few:

Aaron Carter (twin sister, Angel)
Alanis Morissette, Canadian rock singer/songwriter (twin brother Wade)
Alexandra Paul, actress on Baywatch (identical twin sister, Caroline, is a writer and firefighter)
Andy Garcia, actor (parasitic twin brother removed from Andy’s shoulder; died soon after)
Ann B. Davis, The Brady Bunch (twin sister Harriet)
Ashton Kutcher, actor (fraternal twin brother Michael)
Billy Dee Williams, actor
Bucky Covington, American Idol finalist (identical twin brother Rocky)
Burt Munro, New Zealand motorcycle racer (twin sister died at birth)
Cory Lidle, former MLB player (twin brother Kevin)
Curtis Strange, professional golfer, (identical brother Allen)
Ed Sullivan, TV host (twin died as an infant)
Elvis Presley (twin brother Jesse Garon died at birth)
Gisele Bundchen, supermodel (twin sister Patrícia)
Henry Cooper, British boxer (twin brother George)
Isabella Rossellini, actress (twin sister Ingrid)
Jason Orange, member of Take That (twin brother Justin)
Jerry Hall, American model and actress (twin sister, Terry)
Jim Broadbent, actor (twin sister died at birth)
Jim Thorpe, American athlete (twin brother, Charlie)
John Elway, NFL quarterback (twin sister Jana)
John Maine, major league baseball pitcher (fraternal twin brother)
Jon Heder, actor (identical twin brother Daniel)
William Randolph Hearst, newspaper magnate (twin died as an infant)
Joseph Fiennes, actor, actor (twin brother, Jacob)
Kiefer Sutherland, actor (twin sister Rachel)
Kim Mathers, Eminem’s ex wife (fraternal twin Dawn)
Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary-General (twin sister Efua)
Liberace, impresario (twin died as an infant)
Lillian Asplund, last American survivor of the Titantic disaster (twin brother, Carl Edgar, died in the sinking)
Linda Hamilton, actress (identical twin sister Leslie, who played the “T-1000 Sarah” in Terminator 2: Judgment Day)
Mario Andretti, racing driver (twin brother, Aldo)
Mike Espy, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (twin sister Michelle)
Montgomery Clift, actor (twin sister Roberta)
Paul Tsongas, American politician (twin sister, Thaleia)
Philip K. Dick, American writer (twin sister Jane, died after birth)
Richard Quest, CNN anchor (twin sister Caroline)
Ricky Williams, American football player (twin sister Cassie)
Ronan Tynan, twin brother died as an infant
Ryan Howard, Phillies Player (twin brother Corey)
Sarah Vowell, American author (twin sister Amy)
Shawn Marion, NBA basketball player (twin sister Shawnett)
Tanja Dexters, Miss Belgium 1998 (twin sister Mieke)
Teemu Selanne, hockey player (twin brother, Paavo)
Theo Epstein, GM of the Boston Red Sox, (twin brother Paul)
Tony Liberatore, AFL footballer, with the Western Bulldogs, (twin brother Fred)
Victor A. McKusick, professor of genetics (twin brother Vincent was Chief Justice of the Maine superior court)
Vin Diesel, American actor (fraternal twin brother Paul Vincent)
Will Young, British singer (fraternal twin brother Rupert)