Jogging with a ColdMake it work: You got an excuse? I have a solution! MAKE IT WORK

My last few weeks have been filled with its fair share of hiccups. I lost a wonderful uncle to cancer, decided to get our place ready for sale, entertained out of town house guests, and battled a stomach bug outbreak. These are just the things that my mommy brain can remember at this moment. Life is unpredictable at the best of times. I would get nothing completed beyond changing poopy diapers and pouring cheerios if I didn’t attempt to make the best out of my circumstances. Most women I know are lucky to fit a shower in to their day, let alone a workout. Despite the chaos I made a lot of effort to continue with my workouts…and here is how I did it.

  • I had to pick up an online order of photos. Instead of driving to Wal-Mart, I ran! I looked like a thief running home with an 8×10 under my arm but I figured if a cop tried to stop me it would be motivation to run faster.
  • Baby M is cranky sometimes and seems permanently attached to my hip. I could put her down and try to do a living room workout to her symphony of cries or I choose to put her in the Baby Bjorn and squat my butt away. Having a 18 pound weight hanging from my chest adds another dimension to my workouts anyways.
  • Torrential downpours got you down? Well I am lucky enough to have a loving supportive sister who happens to own a treadmill! I bribe her with free Tupperware then let her entertain my children while I do my weekday running sessions. Sister you are the best!
  • Short on weights. As I am putting my groceries away I like to do a couple of bicep curls with common grocery staples. Such as jugs of milk and jars of almond butter. Then I make a snack.
  • Be ready to workout at a moments notice. Being a mom is like having a 24 hour on call job. The second there is calm in the storm you need to do jumping jacks not jump into that pile of dishes that has been haunting you.
  • I don’t advise working out with a stomach flu…that could be dangerous. But there is no reason why you can’t exercise with a runny nose. Fill your spandex with lots of tissue and if anyone asks just tell them your nose is sweating!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a husband in the evenings or a sister with a treadmill. So make a friend with common fitness goals. Not to exercise with you but instead to exchange babysitting services. The kids get a 2 hour play date and you both get 1 hour to sweat off leftover Easter chocolate.

By the way…I would like to start a petition to ban the DQ Carmel Brownie Blizzard commercial from playing ever again. It is seriously challenging my self control…..

oh yeah, I guess I have a solution for that too…I could just SHUT OFF THE TV then I won’t be tempted anymore.

Picture: Making it work through a head cold