Q – I am 2 ½ months pregnant and for some reason I have an increased amount of acne. I don’t normally suffer from it and it has been just since I have become pregnant that it is happening. Is there something that I can do to reduce it?

A – Acne is quite common in pregnancy even when it is not something that one normally suffers from.  it will often abate after the first trimester, or first 3 months are over as the body adjusts to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, however some women are just unlucky and suffer with it through the whole of pregnancy.  It will resolve after pregnancy.   You can use benzoyl peroxide creams from the pharmacy to treat this during pregnancy but other treatments are not recommended in pregnancy.

Dr. Linda Ducholke, a mother of two, has been a successful Family Practitioner with Obstetrical privileges for the past 20 years. The main focus and passion of her practice is obstetrics and childcare.