the endI have been dreading writing this post. Busy with life or busy procrastinating. Maybe I thought that if I didn’t acknowledge it then it wouldn’t end. But it did end my weekly training sessions with Stuart from Fitness On The Go are over. No more squatting stair jumps or twisty push ups. So it is kind of odd that even though I don’t have anyone telling me to exercise I still crave the burn. I am voluntarily subjecting myself to new and interesting workout classes and still finding time to spin and run. I guess when you make exercise a priority for so many months it becomes a habit that is difficult to break. Not that I am complaining…this is exactly what I needed. I wanted to change my thinking, change my actions and change my BODY.

Success was mine!

My determination has transformed my body. Hard work has made lumps smooth and bumps disappear. My arms are toned and my legs are sculpted. My goal was not a number. The scale has very little to do with my victory. I feel great running up the stairs around my house. I take pride in pushing a tandem stroller up a steep hill and still have my breath when I reach the top. I know that my body can and will do more. I now have the tools to take my fitness to the next level. My workouts with Fitness On The Go taught me variation in exercises in the ease of my own home. L loves to ‘workout’ with me and she has finally stopped giving me a hard time for wearing my Nike runners in the house.

Exercise has been therapeutic for me. Running and biking has been an exceptionally effective way to release tension. I often will go to spin class and channel my negative energy through the bike. One hour of climbing hills and speed drills lets resentment release from my body and I come home 100% revitalized.

My husband and I have learned so much in the duration of this contest. Skills in compromise and communication have been put to the test. I have felt his support in this process more than anything else in our years together. That may sound sad to some people but to me, it feels wonderful. I know that these skills will flourish over time and help our love grow for one another. These last few months have been challenging and I think my family has thrived. At times it felt we were playing hot potato with our children as we tossed them back and forth between our own activities. There was always enough time in the day for family hugs and bedtime books.

I am so grateful for this contest. I am now writing after years of pushing the urge aside. This is just the jumpstart I needed to release my thoughts onto paper…or the keyboard. I have loved every minute of this process, the aches in my muscles to the late night minutes at the computer.

So the most amazing contest in the history of contests is coming to an end. Tonight I will most likely not sleep as I mentally prepare for the Closing Reception of the 2010 Fit Mommy Contest. Tomorrow, I will be wearing my pencil skirt with confidence into the ORU restaurant at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Honestly I would love to win the whole thing. But even if I am not the grand prize winner I am definitely not a loser.

I accomplished everything I set out to do. I changed my thinking, actions and body. I am stronger mentally and physically. And gosh darn I don’t mind wearing a bathing suit in public! If that doesn’t spell winner than I don’t know what does!