To recap: week two was a disaster for me; mentally – I was very negative, emotionally – I was riding a rollercoaster and physically – well, only one pound was lost (amazed that I even lost that!). A tremendous high followed by a disastrous low, as extreme as those two weeks were, week three was neither. Although the meal plans are incredible (both in taste and nutrients), I began to take what I was learning about portion sizing and nutritional content to create some of my own meals. Workouts were done for part of the week – they felt great yet did not provide the high I experienced within the first week. Stepping back on the scale, I was shocked and encouraged to discover further loss. What contributed to my success this week? I would have to say it’s “the little things” – portion sizing – the size of my stomach is not directly related to the size of my appetite, I am not a human garbage can – I do not need to finish my boys’ drinks, snacks and meals, water is my friend – it keeps me from drinking my calories and eating a real breakfast allows for quality bonding time with my children.

As we move into the fourth week and the halfway point of this Total Body Revolution (OMG already??!) I am cognizant that I am still not a professional with this newfound lifestyle. I have some very unique challenges to work through including an upcoming business trip (please let them have a mini-fridge! Oh wait… make that an un-stocked mini-fridge…), a stagette for one of my besties (jell-o shots don’t count as calories right?) and too many days of eating alone (it is AMAZING how accountable my children keep me!). However, that bikini is looking better and better and I now KNOW I can do this. I am determined to reach my eight week goal – I won’t even need to gamble in Vegas – I will have already won!

-Felicia Dewar