Find out what our Fit Mommy 2008 winner is up to at the gym! Mixx Co Fitness has Jennifer working on stabilization exercises to help improve her core strength.


Heel Drops
Why do this?

Once you have “re-connected” to your core by finding awareness of your Transverses Abdominis TVA muscle (deepest abdominal muscle responsible for pelvic stability, core strength and a flat tummy), heel drops are a progressive exercise to begin to strengthen the TVA and rest of the core musculature. It is important that TVA is working and strong before progressing to loaded/ weight bearing exercises.

How to?

Lying on your back on a mat, connect to your core by activating the pelvic floor, and your TVA (remember not to ‘suck in’ and hollow at the ribs). Raise the legs (bent to ninety degrees) until the shins are parallel to the floor. Alternate lowering one heel to the floor at a time.

How many: work up to 25 (12 per leg), practice every day

Watch for:

  • Overactivation of the other ab muscles, ie hollowing at the rib cage, bulging of the abdomen.
  • Pelvic tilt during the heel drops (should be no movement at the pelvis)
  • Lower back raising off the mat

Bridge with marching
Why do this?

To practice pelvic stabilization while performing a slightly more unstable and dynamic movement. Plus, develop great glutes!

How to?

Lying on your back on a mat. Feet are flat on the ground, knees are bent to 90. Connect to your core. Raise the hips off the mat into a bridge. Alternate raising one foot off the ground (.5 inches). Maintain a TVA/Pelvic floor contraction the whole time, and do not allow the pelvis to dip as the foot leaves the ground.

How many: 24 marches, 12 per side

Watch for:

  • Pelvis dipping to the side of the raised foot