Sleep issues are one of the perennial hot topics at Mom Group. Getting enough sleep with a newborn (or two!) in the house is one of the hardest things you will face during the first year. In theory babies who weigh over 11lbs are heavy enough and getting enough nutrients throughout the day to allow them to sleep through the night. Some practitioners state that parents should let their child ‘cry it out’ after six months of age; or at least explore changing baby’s expectation that you will rush in a pick them up at the slightest whimper.

If babies don’t settle, perhaps they have a burp, are still hungry or have a soiled diaper. If all of these factors have been addressed, they weigh over 11lbs and they are over six months old, they should be able to sleep through the night. The key to this is whether or not the baby can ‘self-soothe’ or is able, having been put to bed in a happy and relaxed but tired state – to sleep on their own.

Another important factor in this is routine. Babies love routine and once one is established, they react very favourably when they know what to expect. You could try the three B’s – bath, bottle (or breast), bed, or even the 4 B’s – bath, bottle (or breast), book, bed. This type of expected experience helps babies know that the last part of the day is imminent and that their job is to sleep at the end of it. If baby keeps waking during the night, it is probably due to one of two factors: habit or not getting enough calories during the day.

Don’t neglect starting baby on a daytime sleeping routine as well. Sleep begets sleep, and your baby will go to sleep better at night if they aren’t overtired from the day.


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