As multi-tasking moms, often times we put ourselves last on the list. As Teri Hatcher wrote in her best-selling book, Burnt Toast, the matriarch of the family often has a tendency to say, ‘please take the good toast and leave burnt piece for me.’ Everyone else’s needs come first, and ours second.

There is nothing wrong with putting your kids first, but sometimes you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first so that you can be the best mom for the rest of your family. And why not give yourself a little treat for Valentine’s Day as an act of loving yourself? More often, I find that the little indulgences that I can incorporate into my life more easily, can also give me that same pick-me-up.

These are some of my favourite small indulgences that you can treat yourself to, this upcoming Valentine’s Day, or any day.

A Pedicure

For some women this is already a must-have, but it can be hard to fit into a hectic schedule. This Valentine’s Day, take an hour or two and get a pedicure, and while you are at it, gift yourself a delectable large coffee drink or glass of wine too.

Car Detailing

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! There is nothing better than getting your car detailed professionally. The car detailers have it down to a fine art, getting into all of the crevices and cracks that never get attention. Even if you are a relatively clean car-owner, this little extra is totally worth treating yourself too. There is nothing more satisfying than shiny hubcaps!

A Cupcake

Even though I love an venti espresso or latte, my preference would be to go straight for a cupcake. Sometimes a sweet treat, just for you, that you don’t have to share with children or a spouse, is delightful. Go for it – those calories are worth it.

A Fitness Class

Classes like Barre Fitness or Bikrams Yoga are intriguing to me, but I never take the time to investigate or participate. They seem luxurious for me, both physically and time-wise. This year, I am going to indulge myself and sign up. It will be the perfect way to unwind and take some time for me.

Binge-watch a TV Show

If you are a busy-mom making meals and taking care of everyone else’s needs, sitting down to binge-watch a show seems impossible. However, if you can block-off a 2 or 3 hour timeslot, watching a few episodes of a favourite is a perfect antidote. One morning after dropping my girls at school I binge-watched 6 episodes of one of my favourite shows and I had a secret smile for rest of the day.

A New Lipstick

Don’t underestimate the power of a new lipstick! It’s an awesome feeling when you catch your reflection in the rearview mirror and realize, ‘I look pretty good today!’ The power of colour, can brighten up your face, and your outlook, for the day. Something about a bold coloured lipstick always makes me smile more – and the more you smile, the better you feel.

There are plenty of other ways to indulge simply – a coffee with a friend or a nice hot bubble bath can give you a welcome rejuvenation in an otherwise busy life. It’s important to remember to take time for some self-care. Resist the urge to take the burnt toast!

And this Valentine’s I am going to enjoy a chocolate cupcake. Just for me!

6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself