I had the opportunity to reflect upon my life choices – albeit one bad one after another –  and seeing how each decision, each person I encountered ended up helping mold me into who I am today. Self-worth is sometimes measured against how our parents acted towards us, or how our siblings got more than us at Christmas. We measure it in how our significant others treat us, how our kids back talk, how our bosses see us as employees. Each and every person is helping mold you into who you want to be.

A lot of us look at ourselves and see someone who made mistakes, who made bad choices, who can’t manage our finances or find true love. We see our sister being more successful and feel less than, we see how our parents raised us and look at our own children and think why can’t they be more respectful?

Well stop it! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! You are not solely made up of the things that have happened to you or where you stand at this very moment.  You are a culmination of how each of these relationships have affected and become a part of you. A tiny part in catapulting you towards something better.

How do I know this? Because I was once that sad, pitiful girl who was brought to her knees through hardship and let down and my self-esteem was at its breaking point. And that’s when the choice was mine. The choice to get up and do something, kind of like Nike, Just Do It! Do better, be better, and be whatever it is you hold deep in your heart.

Is it a business owner? Is it a mother? Life has no supposed to’s and the sooner we realize that the sooner we are able to see that our self-worth should in fact not be measured against anyone or anything else. It is measured in tiny steps; steps towards a better relationship, steps towards a better person, and steps towards a better you. Whatever that YOU looks like in your head, be her.

So take a moment and look through your history, look at your parents, your siblings, your friendships, your relationships of all kinds and find what part of those people you are carrying with you. Are you carrying the parts that search for inner peace, love and kindness? Or are you measuring yourself against those parts that hold you down and hold you back? Only you can decide how those tiny pieces are going to create the bigger picture. I have a feeling, those pieces make up one pretty spectacular view.


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