I can remember the smells of my favourite childhood memories. They stick with you, weaving into the happy times and letting them take a stronger hold on your brain. I remember my first trip to Disney, how we all piled into my Aunt and Uncle’s van and went on a big adventure. It was all so magical. Then, later I remember going with my mom and watching my sisters enjoy Disney for the first time. There’s 12 years between me and my younger sisters and seeing them that joyful just made my whole life.

Now that I’m a mom, I want to share that joy of Disney with my son. His dad took him to Disneyland for the first time when he was four and I remember looking at his delighted face in the photos. He had so much fun on that trip and I want him to remember that joy. He loves to cuddle and he loves stuffies which is why I loved the Scentsy Buddy – it’s Mickey Mouse and it smells like happy childhood memories (you can even get it in Minnie Mouse or Olaf!)

It’s a super soft plush toy and it has a Scent Pak that goes inside to keep that amazing smell inside. You can pick the one that’s most meaningful to you, whether it’s something sweet, something floral, something with a little spice. It’s kind of perfect the way you can customize it just for you. My kid has such a strong sense of self and individuality and I love products he can make choices about to make it just right.

The other fun thing we found at Scentsy was the Dory + Just Keep Swimming buddy clip, it’s in the shape of Dory and it smells like Just Keep Swimming – super fun scent and Dory is particularly special to our family. It’s my mom’s nickname and she moved away recently which has been really hard because my son and her just love each other so much. So now my son can bring his Baba with him wherever he goes, he can just clip his Dory Buddy Clip onto his backpack and go off on his next adventure. And she knows he’s thinking of her always.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful and be more in the moment and I find scents help me do that. I like to enjoy them and spend some time just noticing how it makes me feel to be right here, right now, enjoying that. As a mom, I’m all too aware that it goes by so fast, so I like the idea of slowing down for a minute to stop and smell the… Disney (I bet you thought I would say roses! But no, I’m a Disney gal.)

Scents make me happy and I love how Scentsy keeps giving me fun new ways to enjoy the moment, enjoy the memories and to help my son do the same. Which Scentsy Buddy will you choose? Check out the new Disney collection on their site and find a new way to make your home the Happiest Place on Earth.

Here are some shots of Liam enjoying his new Disney Scentsy products:

Liam enjoying his Scentsy Disney Products Liam enjoying his Scentsy Disney Products

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by our friends at Scentsy, however all opinions are our own.

Alison Tedford is a Canadian freelance writer and mom. She documents her journeys in parenting, mental health and fitness on her blog Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops. Follow her on TwitterFacebook and Instagram @alisontedford