Let’s face it – having twins is hard work. When your twins are crawling away from you in different directions
or when complete strangers are chasing after you to inform you that you have your hands full, it is easy to lose sight of the true joy that comes along with being a parent to multiples. Even though most of us know deep down how lucky we are and that we wouldn’t change it for the world, here is a little reminder of some of the benefits of having twins:

  1. Watching two babies develop at the same time gives you a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of each as an individual – even if they do look similar! While strangers are always insisting that my twins are “so alike”, close friends and family are always commenting on how different their personalities are from one another.
  2. It is heartwarming and entertaining to watch your twins interact with one another.
  3. One pregnancy = two babies; maybe this isn’t a huge benefit if you are the type of woman who loves being pregnant, but for those of us who had morning sickness that lasted for months, two for the price of one can seem like a great deal.
  4. Two babies means less fighting amongst relatives over who gets to hold the baby.
  5. Two babies means one for mom’s lap and one for dad’s lap during bedtime stories.
  6. Twins make it necessary for parents to work as a team – one of the best benefits of having twins.
  7. Twins can play together and entertain one another thereby freeing up some of mom’s time (at least theoretically).
  8. There is comfort in knowing that your child has a lifelong companion and will not be alone against the world when starting daycare / school.
  9. Your children will both be “the perfect age” for Disneyland, or the family activity of your choice, at the same time!
  10. Double the kisses, double the cuddles, double the love.

Every family is different, but that’s our perspective on the benefits of having twins. Whether you have one baby, two babies or more, we wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your growing, awesome family.