Purchasing a Nursing Bra can happen earlier than most women think.  A light support nursing bra should be purchased around your eighth month of pregnancy to avoid it becoming to small or accidentally buying one too large. In the early weeks and for night time wear you will want something comfortable with a lot of stretch. We recommend not buying a full support nursing bra until after your baby is born and your milk has fully come in. It is important to be professionally fit, as a too tight bra can restrict the milk flow and cause irritation.  Often underwire bras can cause mastitis, so those are best avoided for 24-hour wear.

As life can sometimes be a little hectic with a new baby in the house, we suggest having three bras; one in the wash, one on the body, and one on hand.

Don’t let buying a nursing bra bring stress to one of the most exciting times in your life. Take your time and make sure you feel great.  There are many sexy and beautiful options out there.  We love Bravado and Elle MacPherson’s designs.