My legs are my life line to sanity right now. They get me from home, to my kids’ ballgames, back home, to the well worn path to the grocery store. And my legs get me out on the road running…the place I really find my center and zen. When I need to clear my head I grind out some miles and come back to my life with a clearer view and renewed purpose.
I’ve had some injuries in the recent months and have finally made the choice to really focus on recovery and prevention. In the past I’ve used compression socks for longer runs – those 20 mile training runs – during and (a clean pair) after. The increased circulation makes a lot of difference for me. I’ve never been completely happy with any pair of compression socks I’ve tried. Either they are too long, roll down, or aren’t tight enough.
UNTIL NOW! I was fortunate enough to try Pro Compression socks and I’m in love. I’m 5’3″ and have a size 7US foot but such wide feet I’m forced to wear a size 8US. I have extremely muscular calves but narrow ankles. Pro Compression socks are the first compression socks I’ve used that I look forward to wearing. I know they’ll fit snuggly, stay put, and look cute to boot. I know a massage would do me good but I don’t care to be touched….this is the next best thing in my opinion! I don’t recommend anything I don’t absolutely love – and these…I love. Pro Compression socks come in S and M/L. I took pictures of each to show the comparison. The smalls were perfect for my short self. PERFECT.

My daughter is a multi-sport athlete. She’s a softball catcher, runner, volleyball player and part of a workout club that lifts weights four days a week. My girl is extremely active and her body is always trying to recover and keep up. She’s my size and last week I came home to find her wearing MY NEW PRO COMPRESSION SOCKS (without my permission!). The look of contentment on her face made me let her keep them on. And also led me to order additional pairs.
Whether you’re a runner, hiker, golfer, or just a busy mom – Pro Compression compression socks are a great investment. They also have sleeves and tights that look amazing. Taking care of yourself is so very important. As moms we are on-call 24/7/365. Why not feel great and add a little style along the way?

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Disclaimer : These are my personal opinions. I was provided two pairs of Pro Compression socks at no charge. My opinions would be EXACTLY THE SAME had I purchased these socks myself. (And I’m off to buy more….)