What most women take as a first sign of early pregnancy is a missed period but truthfully, there are a few other signs that can be detected earlier than a missed period that could mean you’re pregnant. Keep in mind that these symptoms are generally counted on as reliable indicators of pregnancy but are in no way a guarantee—it’s always best to get tested by your physician.  So what are some very early pregnancy signs and symptoms?

Changes in your breasts

When your breasts are swollen and uncomfortable, you may chalk it up to an “off” day or something wrong with your bra, but the fact is that your breasts don’t change for no reason at all.  Women who are in tune with their bodies will instantly recognize tenderness at wrong times. The other thing that can change on women’s breasts as an early sign of pregnancy is the nipples, especially the area around them. The area around the nipple can get noticeably darker while the nipples themselves can be extremely sensitive and even a little swollen themselves.

Upset stomach

Morning sickness definitely occurs around the sixth week of a pregnancy but almost all women experience at least an upset stomach much sooner than that. If your stomach is sensitive though, nausea in the morning may bring vomiting with it. Keep in tune with your body; if you feel nauseous, it’s not without cause. We love this Pinkstork organic tea for nausea. If you have a sweet tooth this ginger hard candy is also great.

Smelling your cravings

Most women have a heightened sense of smell and a new awareness of food at the very early start of a pregnancy. This can happen before they know it because their body has already kicked into pregnancy mode!  Smells of certain foods can be heightened which can oddly curb appetite or you could feel hungry at all times during the day. No one is to say which side your body might swing to but if something is wildly different with your eating pattern or appetite, your body may be trying to tell you something.


Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms
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 Changing bodily functions

Since your body is changing the instant that you become pregnant, everything inside your body begins adapting instantaneously also. Your urinary schedule will increase noticeably when you get pregnant. While this increases, you may also experience some constipation because pregnancy changes the way your food is digested. This also can easily be overlooked but being in tune with your body is key to noticing any changes, big or small.

Increased level of fatigue

You may come home from work or a busy day of shopping and be exhausted—that is normal. You may be beyond exhausted, weary even at 1 o’clock even though you’ve had a good night’s sleep; that is a major sign of something being different in your body. Tiredness that sleep can cure is normal; any other kind of deeply felt weariness is definitely not.

What dreams!  Dreams that are incredibly realistic, dramatic or intense can be a sign of pregnancy. This is caused by excess hormones being produced in our bodies. Your dreams, if they are substantially different from regular dreams for a prolonged amount of time, can definitely mean that something is changing inside you and that your body is reacting to something foreign in your body—a baby!

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Very Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms