Sometimes you just need the perfect gift.  A first birthday, a baby gift for a respected business colleague, or maybe for the homecoming of the baby who has just been released from the NICU.  It happens – and these occasions should not be allowed to slip by.  You might not be able to grab it from Winners a hour before the event, but it will most certainly be perfect.  Custom Made for Kids prints individual, bound storybooks about the life of a child. The company’s first book, The First Adventures of Incredible You, is a professionally bound, hardcover book with rhyming verse written by Sarah Headrick and Sarah Rivera, with illustrations by Chicago artist Jill Dryer Bartolucci.  Here’s the fun part – you answer a series of questions on their website, and the answers are printed as part of the story so that every tome is unique to the child for whom it is intended.  In the book that we received, Uncle James made an appearance, as did the family dog and Zoe’s favourite dinner made by Grandma Mo.  The only catch for us (don’t repeat this to Uncle James), was knowing enough about the individual in question in order to supply personal and applicable answers.  We had to do some sleuthing to find out the favourite beach, the apparatus my niece loves at the park, and which Zoo is closest to her home.  This story outlined each aspect of a baby’s life – from eating, to bathing (Daddy does the bath), playdates with friends, and family members.  The opportunity to create a baby book of sorts, with memories from year to year is so easy.  All you need is a week,… and the answers to the questions.  Very definately, the perfect gift.