They had me at the Land Rover shuttle.  Or was it the lobby?  Geothermal heating?  Or the live music during apres-ski?  Any of the above.  Nita Lake Lodge is among my favourite boutique hotels in the world.  And it’s only 68 minutes from Vancouver (not that I’m speeding).  Gourmet dining, windows galore and 72 environmentally-friendly suites with streamlined decor and beautiful views.

I show up with 2 kids, a crazy puppy, my mother and my husband in tow.  I’m a bit nervous. (And slightly crazy).  Probably impossible not to make a scene with my menagerie.  But in the end?  The kids entertained the crowd by dancing in our arms for a few minutes during apres-ski, my mom experienced her first-ever outdoor hottub as tiny snowflakes fell, and our room was so sleek and gorgeous that I wasn’t sure whether to look at it, or take in the lake right outside our window.  I had no idea that this place existed – right at Creekside (and beside the romantic train station), and on Nita Lake.  I can’t wait to see it in the summer.

The Lodge was reminiscent of Muskoka.  Or maybe Vermont.  You get the picture.  Friendly, chic, outdoor lighting to die for, and a stunning path beside the lake.  Next December you may catch me there in a White Christmas-inspired cape.

The lounge called ‘Cure’ was a huge highlight.  Offering the only locally-made charcuterie and cheeses in Whistler, the bar was hopping.  “Cure celebrates the arts of Old World charcuterie – smoking, air-curing, salting or chemically preserving – that were perfected centuries before the advent of refrigeration. Sausage can take three weeks; some meats up to a year. Cure is equally adept at the art of wine pairing that makes the wait for cured meats even more satisfying.”  The children’s menu was among the 2 best we’ve seen in Whistler (the other being the Four Seasons).  Our kids danced with us in their Hatley PJs and when the musician discovered that I was a singer, she invited me to sing a lullaby for the kids before we put them to bed.  Wow.  Talk about making memories to last a lifetime.  (It would have been perfect if the toddler hadn’t been pinching for me to stop).

UrbanMommies is all over caring for the environment as well as great flavour, and we love the concept of the roof garden at Nita Lake Lodge.  “The only transportation the Garden’s 30 types herbs and 40 different vegetables experience is from rooftop to table top. The Lodge staff all lend a hand in producing the freshest fare available. They really do love their veggies. And so will you.”

Can’t wait to try Aura Restaurant.  And arrive via the Rocky Mountaineer.  The big question will be – is it better in the summer or winter?  Hmm.  I’d better test it out every month and let you know.

Toll Free Reservations within North America: 1-888-755-6482(NITA)
2131 Lake Placid Road
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
V0N 1B2