As I age, I realize that quantity is really not preferable to quality. It’s taken me a while. My sunglass drawer is stuffed with dozens of cheap sunglasses that don’t block UVB rays. The closet contains too many pairs of inexpensive stilettos that I can’t wear because they are so uncomfortable. And I have owned so many vacuums that can’t deep clean and then break often. Throwing away a big item like a vacuum every year or two really can’t be good for the planet. It also takes so much time to shop, learn, and then dispose of big items that you either end up returning of tossing. I am thrilled to say that I have aged wisely. I now have one good pair of stunning sunglasses, a couple of comfortable designer stiletto options, and a vacuum that truly sucks. In the most epic way possible. All of these items, by the way, will last me a very long time. Cheaper isn’t necessarily wiser.

But given that I’m obsessed with cleaning, and it’s spring, we need to talk about the new Dyson Ball Animal 2. My cleaning needs are excessive.

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With two boys, a dog, cat and extensive gardens and paths, the floors don’t stay clean for long. The central vac installed in my house seemed convenient when I moved in, but it barely sucks up the endless dog hair on the hardwood – let alone dust and allergens. Several years ago I tested and ultimately purchased a handheld Dyson Animal rechargeable vacuum for the car. There have been many times that I’ve just resorted to using it on over 3000 square feet of house on my hands and knees to get a truly clean floor.

Obviously, I was thrilled to be able to test the upright vacuum and launch of the Dyson Ball Animal 2. The first thing I noticed was the lightness of the box and efficiency of the packaging. After that, I was overcome with giddiness as I pulled attachment after attachment out of the box. The main unit was spaceship-like and I suddenly became a bit intimidated. Would I figure out how to work it all?

dyson-ball-animal-attachmentsThat insecurity lasted all of 90 seconds. I had the parts snapped together and the extendible wand was so easy to take out and replace. The parts also snapped on and off the wand easily and without me having to break a nail doing it. There are buttons to allow you to switch attachments with one hand. Finally, I could clean the curtains! The spiderwebs off the wall!The undersides of the carpet! And the dog. Holy animal lover. This magic vacuum has a pet groomer attachment! My shedding English Lab may actually be comfortable for once – and I won’t get a mouth full of fur whenever I snuggle her!

dyson-extendible-handleAfter playing with all of the parts, I couldn’t turn the machine on fast enough. It wasn’t nearly as loud as I expected, and it was easy to understand why the Dyson Ball Animal 2 has such strong suction. The Radial Root Cyclone technology increases airflow to maximize suction and capture fine dust. Watching the removable canister spin was riveting! But no dawdling. I had carpets to clean! My home has many hard floors with area rugs, and switching attachments on my non-sucking central vac is a huge hassle. The self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across carpets and hard floors so you need not switch out the head.

persion-rug-coloursOn carpets – even my fluffy white shag, the brush bar deep cleaned like I’d never seen. The colours on my antique Persian rug became vibrant. Even lifting the edge of the rugs after vacuuming proved the strength of the Dyson. With other brands, there was always dust and dirt underneath the rug after vacuuming. The Dyson sucked that all away, eliminating the need for me to flip the rug and clean the underside.

canister-removal-dysonThe unit as a whole was easy to maneuver, and because so much of the mechanics are in the Ball, the balance of the whole machine is really good. The low centre of gravity and the swivel technology made for an easy cleaning job. I guess the only drawback is that I won’t burn as many calories as I used to!

Vacuuming the dog was so fun. I thought she’d be terrified and run away, but she loved it! The brush attachment is cleverly designed so extra hair can be easily removed as well. She was truly on cloud (k)9. Here’s my video about the product, with Piper loving her ‘grooming machine!’.

The best part about this campaign is that I have also been given a chance to play the cleaning gods forward, and give a second unit to a friend to test. I chose a friend who had never owned a Dyson and is twice as meticulous about cleaning as I am. Her house is always spotless (despite having 2 kids and a dog) and she’s also the friend who cooks with agave and feeds her girls the healthiest meals ever. She puts me to shame, really. And there is no better person to truly test the Dyson Ball Animal 2. She immediately drove it home, set it up and started cleaning. Within 30 minutes I had the following texts:


jens-rug-dirtWe chatted and giggled like kids about how our new vacuums truly suck. And they are the best additions to our household that we ould have imagined. (Apart from our dirty kids and pets of course).

Disclosure: I was given a Dyson Ball 2 Animal to keep, as well as one for a friend. All opinions are my own and I adore my new vacuum.