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Summer should be laissez-faire, easy and fun. Unfortunately, work, kids and life still must go on so finding ease where we can is crucial. My kids have been yelling at me daily for enrolling them in summer school (I told them it was ‘education camp’ but they saw through the ruse quickly). We have had visitors, raced in weekend sailing regattas, gardened, camped and canned blueberries. Canadian summers seem so very short when there is so much to enjoy! The ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ bits need to be strengthened when there are so many activities going on. My motto, despite the packed calendar, has been to make snacks as easy as possible. As well, desserts need to be delicious and easy to prepare for when friends drop by for an impromptu BBQ. 

SkinnyKey Lime Cheesecake Parfait

Fibre 1 has released a new line of Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bars that have made the snack and dessert part of life very simple. With just 150 calories per bar and 20% of my daily value of fibre, my sweet cravings have been non-existent. The bars (found in the granola bar aisle) have also been a perfect ‘education camp’ snack for the boys so they aren’t as hard on me when I collect them after a hard morning of learning. In the evening I can use them to whip up a simple dessert like Key Lime Yoghurt Parfait (recipe below).

Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bars

The best part of the bars are the flavours. If I can’t be in Key West I certainly want to channel it by eating Key Lime Fibre 1 bars daily. Chocolate is also on the menu and is fabulous alone or beside a dollop of ice cream.

Fibre 1 Cheesecake Bar Parfait

Wanna try? We thought so. Here’s the Indulgent Key Lime Cheesecake Parfait I created. Enjoy – but don’t tell your guests it can be prepared in less than 3 minutes!

The Recipe:

Dollop low fat yoghurt in a short glass. Cut each of the two Key Lime Cheesecake bars into 16 square bite-sized pieces. Layer in the glass, alternating with the yoghurt. Sprinkle the top with the zest of one lime and garnish with mint leaves.