In the early days, having twins is basically about trying to keep the crying down as much as possible. If one’s quiet and the other is crying, obviously you are going to be soothing the noisy one. When the other one starts up and the one you’re holding is still crying, pack your bags you’re going on a guilt trip! Of course you are the one who taking yourself on this ride. How is any one human supposed to calm crying babies simultaneously? Or what if you are inadvertently giving one more attention than the other?

It’s enough that you are a new parent, dealing with a complete life change and weight gain and possible recovery from surgery, and your mother-in-law, and getting a good latch, and bills and trying to keep the house together, etc. Do yourself a favour and give yourself a serious pep talk. Keep in mind that apparently when babies cry no one feels as panicked as their mother. Your babies are lucky, LUCKY, to have YOU as their mother. The fact that you are feeling guilty shows how much you want to do right by your beautiful babes.

Obviously you are going to have to put them down sometime and have a shower or get some sleep. As the primary caretaker of your babies, you have a responsibility to them to take care of yourself. They are depending on you! Better get over feeling guilt in preparation for teething, sleeping through the night and weaning, not to mention the first time they fall.

Feed, change and LOVE your babies and everything will take care of itself.