Our family gets giddy for holidays. Knowing me as you do, it shouldn’t be a shock that I have an entire storage room dedicated to wreaths, décor and cookie cutters divided meticulously into seasons. Yes.. I do. And I gently rotate them throughout the year so that the next holiday’s treasures are easily accessible. Beloved traditions have permeated every Hallowe’en, Christmas and Easter in order to make memories and bond as a family. We have special recipes and songs, outfits and stories handed down through generations. While all of this adds sparkle to life, sometimes these traditions aren’t entirely selfless. At times, I focus more on the spectacle than actually spending real time with my kids. My heart races as I just admitted that.

Random Acts of Kindness

Commercialism and stress can creep into holidays a bit more often than I like. This year, it seems that the world could benefit from extra kindness and less stodgy traditions. Would holidays be ruined without lavish gifts? Does that expensive grass-fed ham really matter in order to orchestrate the perfect Easter dinner? No. Being happy, healthy and surrounded by the family along with only a few sparkly traditions should be enough to make each holiday magic.

lindt-gold-bunnyPeople can have bad days, get in ruts, and be sidelined by unexpected sadness. Because this year feels so different, our traditions are changing too. I want my kids to grow up as aware global citizens. Being selfish and hoarding the delicious candy for themselves isn’t going to make that happen. A little kindness is worth its weight in gold. So, with the help of Lindt’s iconic Gold Bunny, the kids and I headed out to begin a new tradition of spreading joy. (Bearing the best chocolate many strangers will ever taste.) Produced in white, hazelnut, dark, and milk chocolate, then carefully foil-wrapped and tied with a bell and bow, the Gold Bunny will make many more people smile!

Venturing out to Do Good

Off we went. To the sidewalk in front of a local flower shop while an elderly woman walked along the street. We hid (and made sure she didn’t trip over the bunnies!) and the grin on her face could have lit all of the streetlamps. Happy Easter! We picked up the bunnies and gave them to her as the kids started feeling shy and darted off.

mini-gold-bunny-soccer-teamNext stop – a soccer game. The other team was shocked to find small gold bunnies on their warm-up bench. Now that’s sportsmanship. What completely struck me as my youngest handed the treats out to his team to place on the other bench – that this new tradition of ours is not only making people happy in the moment, but I had a hunch that a few of the players on the team will adopt gold bunny acts of kindness too.

The local school playground was a logical place to spread some kindness. Hopefully it was the child who’d been excluded or ridiculed that day who found the delectable chocolate!

easter-basketThe fenced-in garden of my neighbor who just lost her husband to cancer seemed like a perfect bunny hiding place. She spends hours tending to her pruning and am certain she will find the shiny treasure soon!