Does anyone ever get a girls night anymore? Certainly not me!! And worse? When you get one, do you really want to be cooking and fussing over sweating it out in the kitchen? Didn’t think so. Pizza – the bake-in-home kind, is a perfect option for an easy girls night pizza celebration, and the new line of Dr. Oetker Ristorante Ultra Thin Crust pizza is my go-to choice. I adore pizza and am very particular with what I consume. The crust must be thin. (This new version sports the thinnest crust ever!) And crispy but not too much. (I verified it comes out perfectly every time). Toppings must be perfectly cooked and the combo has to be perfect. (Picking off items that I dislike makes me feel just terrible. And kindof picky.)

dr-oetker-ristorante-girls-nightIf you look for the ‘New and Improved’ blue flash on the front of the package you know you are getting the correct product. The flavours are terrific and include capicola, spinach + provolone, roasted mushroom + garlic, oven roasted chicken + peppers and roasted vegetables + goat cheese. The variety is great, but there is an abundance of toppings on each pizza as well, so you don’t have to fuss over adding extra in order to fill up the guests. There are also three vegetarian options, which helps with my crew of girlfriends!

dr-oetker-pizzaAfter a horrible week for each of us, the girls arrived and it was like old times! As if we had no kids and hung out without restrictions constantly. Too funny. That day alone I believe we had collectively done 12 loads of laundry, driven 230 kilometers, worked a 9 hour day, helped with homework and a few other obligatory goodies. (Cat to the vet, repaired a cracked mobile phone and survived a spin class.) Clearly, our #DrOPizzaParty was a much-needed reprieve for us all.

dr-oetker-partyDecor-wise, I set a more elaborate table with the time saved from cooking, giving each of the girls a little macaron treat for dessert. You can always use silver and crystal to heighten even the simplest of food evenings. Flowers, too, set in crystal glasses balanced the table. Flowers always give an evening a special flair, and we have  a few easy arrangement tips to help you assemble quick arrangements.

flower-arrangingQuick Flower Arranging Tips

  1. Less is more. A few blooms for colour are all you need – you can grab greenery from your front yard to make the more expensive blooms go farther.
  2. Don’t underestimate inexpensive flowers. A tightly wrapped bunch of carnations – or even a huge bunch of dandelions surrounded with greenery can look stunning.
  3. Stick to two or three colours in a bouquet.
  4. A row of small floral bunches can look incredible in smaller glasses.
  5. Other mediums. A grand bouquet needn’t stop at flowers. Apples on skewers, twigs and pinecones fastened to sticks add depth and interest.
  6. Multicoloured blooms of the same variety – like huge cabbage roses always pack huge impact!
  7. Wrapping stems in the vase with one or two thick leaves covers them and fills out the vase so it looks like a solid colour. Here’s an example from a spring party at which I should have served pizza!

pizza-party-flower-arrangementTypically formal, the girls rolled their eyes when they saw my decor and then squealed with delight when I announced we were eating pizza – cutlery optional! It was so relaxed that we were able to chat and laugh, and I’m a bit shocked that we devoured 6 full pizzas. (Rather quickly, I might add).


Sometimes I have to relax my own restrictions and preconceptions in order to actually make time for myself. I’d never really considered setting a lovely table and serving store-bought food for a dinner gathering, and I’m embarrassed that my friends enjoyed themselves even more than when I cook for days!

rose-bouquetAs I grow older and try to live a balanced life I realize that memories can’t be made if you are feeling stress. Sometimes the best nights come from deep breaths, delicious food and effort in the right place to make everything fall together.


Disclosure: This post was made possible by Dr. Oetker Ristorante. All opinions are my own.