If you are someone who is used to being self-sufficient, get prepared to receive help.If you have friends and family who want to be there for you, make a list of things that you need and see if they are prepared to help you do these things for a short while whilst you get used to your new role as parents.

Here’s a sample list:

Laundry – perhaps someone could throw on a load of clothes and fold a pile of laundry for you?

Groceries – you could consider home delivery or have a weekly list that could be picked up for you.

Errands – maybe your dog needs grooming, an older sibling needs picking up from school or you have something else that needs attention

Food preparation – any entrees that can be frozen for when you need them are very handy

Housecleaning – if a friend or relative stops by and offers to help, maybe they could tidy up, dust, do dishes (dare you hope floors and bathrooms?) or some other chore.

Babysitting – if some kind soul offers to watch your baby for a couple of hours, LET THEM! This would be an excellent time to catch up on sleep, spend some time with your partner or get out of the house for a while.

People want to help, take them at their word and accept their kindness.