New parents will always need something and will be very grateful for any gifts. There are lots of practical gift ideas for new families, that are practical and fun.

You could consider twin themed items such as:

twin sweater sets
double heart earrings
personalized jewelry that could include the birthstones of her babies
double photograph frames with recent pictures of her twins
fun t-shirts (maybe one that says ‘Yes, I do have my hands full!’)

Other practical gift ideas could include diapers, baby wipes, a book with 365 activities and craft ideas to explore with her little ones or a subscription to a parenting or twin magazine.

You could make up a few meals such as lasagna that can be frozen so if she needs a last minute meal she can look forward to one of your specialties!

If you are feeling very generous, consider hiring a once a week cleaning service or diaper service to help the new parents with their chores.

Being the mother of multiples is made easier by great appliances and tools that could really save her time. If you are having trouble thinking of a good gift, you might try:

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. This incredible gadget is perfect for new moms, and would be twice as helpful for moms of twins! (you need two, but they are very affordable). The company’s catch phase is ‘you’ll alway know how long itzbeen’ since baby was changed, fed, put down for a nap, and there’s a function to let you know which side you nursed from last. It’s an excellent communication tool for multiple caregivers or frazzled and tired moms.

A professional jar opener will open any size jar effortlessly. The soft, non-slop handle cushioned your hand and absorbs pressure as the wedge is twisted to turn the lid. This is particularly helpful for opening baby food jars, which are often very difficult to open manually.

The Kitchenaid 3-cup Chef’s Chopper Series food processor will make creating your own baby food fun, making it easy to chop, grate or mince the food to the texture you want with its pulse control and stainless steel blade, helping your baby explore new textures. The lid has a drainage feature that makes it easy to add water as you are processing the food. It is easy to clean and its size makes it easy to store.

A good coffee maker is perfect for a new mother; especially one with a timer and that grinds the beans for you too! The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker has all of these features, along with having a double wall, brushed stainless steel thermal carafe.

A portable steam cleaner such as the Shark Steam Blaster will eradicate all dirt and germs on your floors, making it spotless for curious crawlers. They have the added benefit of being totally benign, since they clean with steam, not toxic cleaning products and leave no residue behind.

The Roomba robotic vacuum is smart and efficient, able to lift dust, dirt, crumbs and other debris from your floors. They self-adjust from carpets to hard floors, automatically avoid stairs and other off-limit areas, and clean under and around furniture. Just press a button and let it do its work! You will find it back at its dock at the end of its job.