Prior to beginning this competition did I think I would have challenges? You bet! Did I consider these challenges and plan ways to combat them in my totally awesome TBR Workbook? Absolutely! Did I consider that something as simple as walking through the bread section at my local grocer would stop me in my tracks? Most def… wait, what? Having considered roadblocks like emotional eating, boredom or incessant snacking, I didn’t even think to consider the everyday places and activities that could trip me up.

My favorite staple being any type of bread product, a simple walk through the bakery this week had me sniffing out the cinnamon buns… (Thankfully they were a day old so I was able to move on!) However, my biggest surprise came from a night out with my bestie. Hitting up the local watering hole, I assumed not partaking of the calorie-laden beverages would be difficult, therefore I devised a plan… My bestie had agreed to begin her own whole health journey so we made a non-drinking pact together – having that second person sure made my choice easier! When I was weakening she would remind me of my progress, when she began to weaken, I would remind her of hers. In the event we got the munchies she packed a small bag of almonds for us to snack on throughout the night (ten each). However, as the evening became longer and longer we both began dreaming about… food! (You thought I was going to say Grape Vodka didn’t you?!) Unbeknownst to us, the night out, after shenanigans snack, had become our downfall! It took much encouraging from both of us to resist the beef dip urge, climb into bed and go to sleep with mouth salivating. Note to self: Make the evenings out much shorter!

– Felicia Dewar