In the battle of who owns what in my home, Emily Press Labels has allowed everyone to emerge victorious! Two of my children are the same size, but different ages and very different in personality! They share a room and therefore a closet. Laundry has become an issue—I’m the only one who knows for sure which clothing items belong to what child—even the girls themselves argue about whose shirts, dresses, and pants belong to whom. And when my husband sees girls’ clothing he simply puts it in a pile to avoid the inevitable disagreements.

The war is over.

Thanks to Emily Press Labels. not only have I been able to clearly identify each child’s items, I’ve finally been able to give my daughter Marleigh something personalized, just for her. Her name has a unique spelling, making it nearly impossible to find anything commercially available with her name spelled properly.

Together Marleigh and I used the Emily Press Labels to identify her water bottle, lunch box, back pack, and several items of clothing. I applied the labels to a variety fabrics and labels, used different placements on the items, and washed in all cycles and temperatures, multiple times. The labels stayed firmly fixed in place and unaffected by the repeated wearing, washing, and drying. Most importantly I labelled her jacket, eliminating the daily war between Marleigh and her sister about which jacket rightfully belonged to each girl.

‘How-To’ with Emily Press Labels

The labels arrived preprinted and ready to use after ordering online. There are various options for the number and sizes of labels as well as several designs. I chose the appropriate package for my needs—the Camp Label Pack—chose the design—Flip Flop—and entered the name for the labels. The website is easy to navigate and the labels I received looked exactly like the labels on line.

Marleigh is now set and ready for ballet camp this summer. The shoe labels clearly identify her ballet slippers from those of her classmates. She loved knowing her slippers wouldn’t be picked up by another student and wasn’t bothered by the labels while dancing. Marleigh has the same runners as three of her classmates at school. Now that her shoes are clearly marked, she comes home with her own shoes each day—not one in her size and another in her friend’s size!


Best of all for me, the labels were very easy to apply. The Camp Labels Pack comes concisely packaged with 6 shoe labels, 2 extra large labels, 5 classic labels, 30 slim labels, and 77 peel and stick clothing labels. Marleigh chose the Flip Flop design, declaring it “the best one”, but I thought there were lots of cute options. After that, I simply chose the appropriate size label for each item, peeled it off, applied to item, and voila—we were done! Labelling made simple and ending household wars.

You can find Emily Press Labels here.

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I received a personalized Camp Labels Pack from Emily Press labels at no cost. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.