At 8:30pm on March 31st, many people will shut off the lights for Earth Hour.  We don’t always need electricity and some of the best moments can be created without it.  Alison Ferguson and Meaghan Relkie from Every Little Bit have some great ideas on how to spend some non-electricity time with your kids..  We also have some great ideas on eco-friendly activities to do with kids to help get in the spirit during the whole day!

So…what can you do in the dark for an hour?

– Hide all the stuffed animals around the house & have a scavenger hunt in the dark
– Play the Game of Life to candles (Thanks to Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore)
– Tell ghost stories while creating scary faces with your flashlights.
– Create an under-the-covers reading club
– Put small objects in a bag & have people guess what they are (nothing sharp please)
– Dance in the dark