How do I address “diaper rash”? It’s a questions that pretty much every parent has asked. The worst thing is to have an uncomfortable baby. Well, maybe not the worst. That accolade is reserved for having an unidentifiable rash, and wondering if your baby has a huge issue.

Perfumes and Chemicals

Dr. Agnieszka Matusik, ND suggests that it is possible that the baby’s skin is getting irritated from the types of diapers or baby wipes you are using.  Products can contain perfumes and chemicals that are harsh on the baby’s sensitive skin. Try using unscented brand of diapers or using cloth diapers and switch from commercial baby wipes to cloth wipes using a mild natural soapy solution to clean the baby up.  When my boys were little I had a thermos with a hand pump on the changing table. Each morning I’d fill it with hot water, and then use washable mini-cloths to wipe the bum area. This was easier because we used cloth diapers as well, so I’d wash everything at once. If this is too onerous, you can use a mixture of 1 tbsp of baking soda to a cup of water and use cotton balls to apply the solution on the baby’s bum.

Airing Out a Diaper Rash

Also during this time allow the baby’s bottom to “air-out” as much as possible.  Yeast infections are also a common cause of diaper rash, and making sure baby gets dry is a big part of eliminating the environment where yeast can grow. In this case using a probiotic would be helpful to treat the cause.

Diaper Rash from Foods

Did the rash come one after you introduced a new food item into their diet?  Infants and children can sometimes develop food sensitivities and allergies when new foods are introduced.  For symptom relief try a cream that uses natural soothing ingredients such as calendula and vitamin E.

Identifying Your Baby’s Rash

When something looks abnormal, trust your instinct. Mom Loves Best has a good set of photos you can use to identify 17 different types of diaper rash.