Ugh.  How I despise the term ‘Mommy Blogger’.  But it seems that brands, friends and PR firms tend to understand that concept and even magazines get lumped in.  As I meet more and more colleagues, I have become proud and honoured to be associated with the blogging community throughout Canada and the US and love ways to connect with like-minded business people and moms.  Too many parents have trouble remembering their identity and passions after having kids.  At UrbanMommies we believe you can help your children to thrive and learn when you’re a happy parent.  Math can be taught just as easily in a Parisian museum as it can be using flash cards.  And taking care of your soul as well as your family isn’t selfish.  Seriously.

Our Areas of Focus:

– Exclusive Family Travel
– Healthy Recipes
– Style for Moms
– Parenting and Pregnancy
– Technology and Gadgets
– Helping kids develop into the tween years

We’re always looking for contributors and love to read your posts too! Connect with us!!  xx Jill