Selecting a twin stroller is a big decision. If you have one that you are happy with it will make all the difference to your desire to get out and use it. Some advice: you may as well splurge on this purchase. Getting one you are sort of happy with will be a decision you regret when you go back to the store to get the one you really wanted in the first place. In the case of strollers, you really get what you pay for. It helps to remember that the resale value of good strollers is fairly high and it should be easy to sell when the time comes.

Here are some tips on choosing a stroller for twins

· Give yourself lots of time to shop around, not only for the right stroller, but also at the right price. Some stores give incentives for parents of multiples, such as discounts;
· There is no perfect stroller for all multiples. Families must decide which features are most important to them and are the best fit for their lifestyle;
· Many strollers are constructed for babies four months old and up, or are weight dependent. However, you can get ones that are good for newborns. Conversely, consider the maximum age that the stroller is recommended for;
· Strollers have to be strong to carry two or more children;
· Larger wheels make pushing easier and provide a smoother ride;
· Ask about what accessories come with the stroller, you may have to purchase a rain cover, sun cover and other things separately and this will really affect the price;
· More expensive strollers earn their keep with their durability, safety and comfort features, especially given that parents of multiples probably tend to use their strollers longer;
· Consider the weight of the stroller if you plan to be frequently loading it into car trunk or into a van;
· Consider what kind of storage the stroller has if you plan to use it for shopping trips

There are several types of strollers available

· a carriage that converts to a stroller: may not be as convenient for toddlers
· side by side with a separate area for each baby and therefore twice as wide as conventional strollers but should fit through regulation wide doors and aisles
· tandem or a stroller than provides face to face seating has babies sharing leg room – these strollers sometimes have a slightly higher back seat so both children have views and these stroller are narrow enough to navigate doorways and the mall

In essence, your twin stroller decision should be based on these things

What accessories come with this stroller?
How heavy is this stroller?
Does the stroller collapse easily and fit into my vehicle?
At what age can I put my baby in this stroller?
Does this stroller fit my lifestyle, ie can I use it for jogging or trails?
Is this stroller compatible with my car seat?

The following is a list of higher-end double strollers, many of which have the side-by-side design. All of these are very good choices, but not all of them are created equal (see above questions).

· BOB Revolution Duallie
· Phil and Ted’s E3 Twin
· Valco Baby
· Zooper Tango Duo Baby