It’s not uncommon to have a child who hates homework. No child out there enjoys doing homework they get from school. Many children just get it done and move on with their other activities, but some children really struggle to get their homework done.

Homework phobia is real condition and does affect a large number of children. They have fear and anxiety about doing their homework, and parents do not know where to turn for help.

Why a Child May Not do Their Homework

Some children do not want to do the assignments because they do not understand the material. They may be having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class and do not want anyone to know they are falling behind. The child may be embarrassed and feel that someone is going to think they are stupid if they do not understand the information. This can lead to fear and anxiety about completing assignments independently without the guidance of a teacher.  A parent may think the child is lazy when they really do not understand what is being taught to them.

Is There a Learning Disability?

If the child is resisting doing their homework, they may have an undiagnosed learning disability. A child who is dyslexic or has a specific learning disability may not want to do work on their own. They may be having trouble and will not tell anyone the extent of their difficulties. Children with ADD or ADHD may also have trouble staying focused long enough to get their homework completed.

The best thing to do, in this case, is speak to the teacher and see if any of these behaviors are happening in school. If so, the child may benefit from diagnostic testing for special education services to help them learn and provided accommodations to help them with their schoolwork.

How Parents Can Help?

There are some things that a parent can do to help their child increase their homework completion and reduce the amount of anxiety they have about completing homework assignments. The parent should sit down and look over the homework assignment with the children. They can look up on the internet different ways to explain the information that is being covered. They can also ask the teacher for assistance is going over the information in a new way.

If the student is still struggling with the homework assignments, look for a tutor or some kind of peer help group that may be offered through the school. The child may be able to get additional assistance with homework by these means.

Set Up a Structured Place for Homework

Children need structure, and they need to know what is expected of them. While they are never going to admit to this, children need rules and expectations. When the child or the parent gets home the first thing they should do is ask the child if they have homework. They can also look through the folders and the backpack.

Many schools have online systems that allow parents to check grades and homework assignments. This will help with older children that may not be truthful all the time when it comes to homework. The parents should expect that the homework assignments are done before any friends are over or anything fun is done. They should be a quiet space for the child to complete the homework that is free of distractions. There should not be a television on. If homework is done consistently at the same time each day, the child will learn that it is part of their routine and become less resistant to completing these assignments.

Be Patient

Yelling and screaming at the child to get their homework done is not going to help the problem or help them learn. Try to explain to the child why homework is important and how not doing homework can have a negative effect on their grades and learning. Explain the consequences of not completing work, both in school and at home. Offer to help the child with any questions they may have regarding the assignment.

Acknowledging their stress and anxiety will help the child deal with their fear and hopefully with the help of their parents find ways to overcome this fear and anxiety.

 What to do when your child hates homework

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