I’m a happily married woman so I will save you the suspense, I’m not tempted to cheat. Not in a traditional sense anyways. When it comes to my Netflix though, it can be really hard not to. You see, my husband travels a lot and during the day I’m usually busy blogging, raising my boys and doing all the things I love that make life magical. After everyone else goes to bed, however, Netflix beckons.

What’s a lady to do, with huge volumes of entertaining content just sitting there, waiting to be enjoyed.  All it takes is one little click. And when your feed is customized and curated based on your viewing habits, it’s all so tempting. Almost too tempting, to be fair. You start with “just one episode” and before you know it you’re eight episodes deep. You’re enthralled with something that deep down you know your partner would enjoy watching with you but you just can’t resist. Who can blame you, really?

So what do you do? You have some options.

  1. You can hope he won’t notice that the plot seems to be much different than where you left off. Maybe his trip was so busy and exciting that he won’t remember exactly what was happening.
  2. You can distract him by confessing online purchases procured in his absence (wait, no, that’s a terrible idea. Scratch that.)
  3. You can cook something delicious to accompany your viewing experience but assure him the first bites of those flavours would be best enjoyed with eyes closed – as you click back to the episode you left off at together and feign surprise at all the stuff you already watched. Fake it till you make it (or after you make it, in this case.)
  4. You can claim a technical glitch. New fangled technology.
  5. Kiss him. He won’t even remember which episode you were watching. Promise.

The temptation to cheat with your Netflix can be great, no matter how much you love your partner. It’s tough when they are on the road and there’s new episodes to keep you company back at home. It really can’t be helped and really, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Whatever you decide to do to cover your tracks, your secret is safe with us.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks for sharing all my family’s favourites with you, dear reader. I was not financially compensated for this post.