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We love great movies here at Urban Mommies. Oscar night allows us to indulge our Hollywood fantasies as star or director, studio boss or film reviewer. We all become movie experts on Oscar night. Chef Wolfgang Puck makes the celebration of cinema’s brightest night delicious with this award-worthy recipe for Raspberry Panna Cotta. What I particularly appreciate about this recipe is the share worthy-ness of the Panna Cotta technique, which can become the “little black dress” of your dessert repertoire. Dressed up for a night on the town, a red-carpet premiere or a romantic night at home, the Panna Cotta can wear the gorgeous fruits of the season or special occasion.

 The other aspect of this legendary pairing is the Piper-Heidsieck Champagne,  the exclusive Champagne of the Academy Awards. Not every wine with “bubbles” is a Champagne. Remember, mommies, in order to be called Champagne, the wine must be from the Champagne region of France, and will be clearly indicated as such on the label. The wine label will tell you every thing you need to know about what is in the bottle.

Reading the label will help you choose a successful wine for celebrating the same way a good review will guide you in choosing a  movie to watch for family movie night. Like with any wine, as with movies, there are some lovely examples of wines with bubbles like the Piper-Heidsieck and others best left on the “editing room floor” on Oscar night. Pairing Champagne with a dessert to achieve harmony is done brilliantly by Chef Wolfgang Puck and the House of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne.

Why Champagne on Oscar night? Because for every category, there will be one winner. And while yes, it is indeed an honor just to be nominated, I will tell you it feels much better to win. It calls to mind the words of Champagne lover and Prime Minister Winston Churchill who observed of the glorious bubbles: “In success you deserve it, and in defeat you need it.”

Truth. So on Oscar night, join me in raising a glass to all the nominees, winners and movie loving Mommies.