In the wake of the attempted Christmas Day bombing on a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit, parents traveling with children and babies will have an even more difficult time carrying food and toys aboard for their flights.  The RCMP has put measures in place which restrict carry-on baggage on Canadian planes bound for the United States. Parents don’t have to cancel plans yet, though, as many baby-related items will still be permitted. 

Allowed on board will be the following: medication or medical devices, small purses, cameras, coats, items for care of infants, laptop computers, crutches, canes, walkers, containers carrying life sustaining items, a special needs item, musical instruments, or diplomatic or consular bags.  New security regulations also prohibit the use of Live TV on flights originating in Canada and destined to the U.S., so if you are traveling on Westjet and expecting an electronic babysitter…. make sure you bring games, books or other toys.  Think of it as a wonderful exercise in parenting, and use the time to engage with your little ones.

So make sure you get creative with your laptop for DVDs, and stuff your purse with the smallest toys imaginable.  You might also want to check our Air Canada with Kids article.  Happy Travels and keep your spirits high.