We’re already starting week 3 of the program and it’s been a challenging adventure, but a challenge that I love. I am learning to eat better, not that I didn’t eat well, my husband and I are avid cooks. We make everything from scratch – salad dressings, stocks, etc… But I was eating portions that were too big, along with too much cheese and maybe a tad too much wine. When you think about it, even using the best ingredients plus a few glasses of wine and up goes the calories. So with this new way of eating I tell myself that I am training my stomach to be fine with eating smaller portions more often and so far my stomach is enjoying it. Sometimes I’m hungry but I’m sure soon enough it will all be well adjusted and balanced. Almost 20 years ago I was fit and I didn’t even think of my body, I was happy with it. I  went tree planting in BC, an awesome physical job that keeps you fit but I needed the fuel to make good money and enjoy the work, so I started eating like a logger (a healthy one…) and it stayed with me, I got used to eating big portions, then I settle down in the city, got a sitting job and you can imagine the rest.

As for the exercise side of the program, I enjoy it very much. I needed to get back in good shape, not just in shape but I want to be one of those women who says: “this is the best shape I have ever been in.” I want to feel like nothing can stop me and I want to be able to do everything I want for the rest of my life with my family. I’m not going to be the mom who stays behind for a hike or any other sports because I’m out of shape and overweight. My husband and I enjoy the outdoors so much and I used to hike like it was a piece of cake. We used to go up hill for 6 hours with a 50 lb backpack and sleep on the mountain facing the blue glacier lakes in the wilderness, far from everything and city noises. I want us to do it all again with our daughter, as well (and maybe kid #2 one day), without huffing and puffing and dragging behind. I now go on power walk/run pushing the Chariot with my daughter in and it’s not as hard as it used to be.  Now I get to the park and I use the park bench to do a few more exercises and when I play with my daughter, I have so much more energy.

This adventure is what I needed and I am so grateful to be part of it, I already feel like a winner. I feel like I am getting my old self back.  I feel motivated. I am proud of myself and I don’t want to see myself wearing black all the time again. My wardrobe is so dark, everything is black. I used to have a style and now I feel like I have the “I’m uncomfortable with my body so I wear black to cover my tires and muffin top effect!” I also feel like I’m glowing, I have a lot more energy, I fall asleep way faster (I normally have trouble sleeping) and sleep so deeply and I love the effect of endorphins in my head, it is true, exercise makes you way happier!

– Caroline Alarie