Although some miscarriages are linked to chromosomal abnormalities, sperm antibodies, blood clotting disorders and anti-nuclear antibodies, 50 % of miscarriages are due to an unknown cause. Our chronic life stresses, ie. traffic, bosses, finances, will limit non-essential bodily functions, one of which is reproduction. Stress releases cortisol hormones which in turn suppresses progesterone. Progesterone is essential to maintain the uterine lining and the pregnancy. The question many pregnant moms ask is – can stress cause miscarriages?

“Don’t Worry” –  easier said than done, particularly if you have experienced 2 or 3 miscarriages. Recent studies show that women who have regular supportive care during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy dramatically reduce unexplained miscarriages. This includes regular medical and emotional check ins with midwives or doctors and  regular practice of relaxation techniques. Relaxation is a learned behavior, some women have a real problem doing quiet, still activities, they think its too boring.

In order to manage stress start with 5 minutes a day of breathing, listening to music, or staring at the wall. Eventually you may want to meditate or practice mindfulness. Other activities that can reduce stress are yoga, tai chi, cardio exercise, reducing work commitments and surrounding your self with friends and family ( but make sure they don’t add stress!)

Raeghan Siemens, DTCM, R.Ac
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