I’ve been a parent for over 7 years now, and despite what some stories may report, I always have time to shower. Washing and drying my hair though (and straightening it some days) is a whole other story.  Some days I am rushed, or an impromptu need to change from my robe and bummy jeans/hoodie arises and I have to put some effort into my appearance.

Over the years I have learned a few beauty tips and tricks for busy mamas on the go – and I use them all the time still.

Now, I’m going to share them with you – in case you can make use of them as well. Remember, our kids won’t remember if our hair was perfectly coiffed or not (but it’s okay if you want to preen and pamper yourself – I do!).

Mini Wax Strips

Thanks to a fellow blogger’s tip years ago on Twitter, I discovered Parissa Wax Strips.  These mini strips are perfect for touching up my eyebrows. Why do I use them? Because getting my eyebrows waxed every 3-4 weeks is costly, and sometimes, I end up in between waxing and want to take care of them for an event etc.

I’m fortunate that my brows keep a nice shape when I skip a month at the professional’s, so I go every couple months to get them professionally shaped again but use the wax strips in between. They have been so helpful on ‘oh my gosh, I can’t get an appointment but these things need something done’ days.

Dry shampoo

I don’t wash my hair everyday. Now, before you nod and say ‘poor you’, know that it’s by choice. My thick hair has a particular happiness state that usually means a wash every other day or so.  And I’ve read that it’s good not to wash it everyday! But, that doesn’t mean that some mornings when I’m suddenly heading out the door for a last minute coffee date and don’t want to spend 40 minutes drying my hair I don’t need some help. Enter dry shampoo.

This is a simple, dry mixture (made with corn starch, arrow root, baking soda – depends on if it’s store bought or if you are making your own) is meant to absorb oils in your hair to give you a little more no-wash time.  You can buy versions that are for light or dark hair and it has saved me on many mornings when time was an issue.

Toothpaste for your pimple

I know it sounds odd, but work with me here. I started doing this when I was in high school and it’s always worked for me.  I don’t often get pimples on my face any more but every so often they creep up (thank you hormones).  What I’ve always done is put a spot of toothpaste on it (no, keep reading, I’m serious) and let the toothpaste dry and sit for a bit.  Then I wash my face and the toothpaste spot off.  The toothpaste dries the pimple out and makes it go away sooner.

My sister in law has told me that tea tree oil also works in this manner.  But my toothpaste method has always worked for me!

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Beauty Hacks for busy mamas