If a mom sneezes when her kids are too busy playing outside to hear her, does it make a sound? Spring and summer are great opportunities to get out and play with your kids. It’s no fun if sneezing leaves you on the sidelines. They only want to play with you for so long before we become “embarrassing” and “no fun ever.” Take advantage while you can. Make hay while the sun shines, so to speak 😉 Speaking of hay, how about that hay fever, eh? 

For Canadians, the arrival of spring and something is something to celebrate. I’m sure we are all QUITE done with winter. The weather is getting warmer and nature is in full bloom. If the mention of spring weather and budding trees makes you groan instead of cheer, you’re likely one of the millions of Canadians who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Don’t let allergies dampen your spirits- it’s time to take action. Allergies can really interfere with your quality of life, and you deserve better! Luckily when it comes to dealing with seasonal sniffles, you have options. Below are some helpful tips for a sneeze-free allergy season.

Be prepared

Have your allergy medication at hand before the first signs of symptoms. Antihistamines can help decrease sneezing, runny nose and itchy-watery eyes.

Stay cool! (Turn on the a/c)

If plants (trees, grass, pollen and ragweed) are at fault for your allergy symptoms, control the air inside by keeping the windows in your home and car closed. Turning on the air conditioner is a better way to keep cool while keeping your symptoms in check.



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Give your furry pal a brush

Dogs and cats that have been outside can track pollen into your home. Make a habit of brushing your pet before you head back inside to keep pollen out. It’s also a great idea to give yourself a shake before you step in to avoid tracking pollen throughout your home.

Clear your head

For some allergy sufferers, symptoms can include sinus pressure and sinus congestion. Make sure you’re picking up the right allergy medication for you. An antihistamine can deliver multi-symptom allergy relief for 12 hours, including relief from nasal congestion and stuffiness.

Take yourself off lawn duty

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. Delegate! Keeping the grass short is a good idea for reducing grass allergens – but don’t cut it yourself! Call in a favour from a partner, family member or friend.

Hit the treadmill

Running outside, especially when pollen counts are high, can be a recipe for sore eyes. If morning runs are part of your routine, consider hitting the gym or a home treadmill instead.

How will you spring into action this year to keep allergy symptoms in check?