QI have extremely dry skin in the winter but it seems even worse now that I’m pregnant especially my face. What will help this dryness? I’m beginning to feel like an alligator!

A – This time of year is especially hard on our skin but it sometimes worsens with all the changes that pregnancy brings. Treat your face with care.  Try Intense Moisturizing Cream from Mary Kay. This cream will leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 10 hours (even in it’s driest state). It infuses the skin with a marine extract, vitamin E and minerals like copper, magnesium and zinc that help nourish skin beautifully. You can also try the Emollient Night Cream for extremely dry skin, which helps maintain the natural moisture of the face and replenishes hydration in especially dry areas such as hands, elbows and feet. It’s also great for cold season, dab a bit under your nose to stop the chapping from blowing! It contains petrolatum, beeswax and mineral oil to help protect, condition and seal in moisture, which is a winter must have.