Canadian Atlantic fishing villages can teach children so much about real life.  And this one is too good to be true.  Visiting Peggy’s Cove with kids is inspiring in so many ways. Peggy’s Cove was made famous by the tragic Swissair crash in 2001, and it’s where kids can mail a letter in the only post office in Canada located within a lighthouse.  Walking the rocks that roll dangerously into the rough waters makes you feel at one with nature, and also cognizant of the formidable power of the ocean.  Make sure your children listen well, and if they don’t stand well back from the water’s edge.  Enjoy every minute of visiting Peggy’s Cove with Kids.Education abounds, especially in the tidal pools formed in the rock crevices.  End the adventure with lobster sandwiches, ice cream cones, and a stroll through the houses painted in a bright array of colours which always insert light into a foggy day.