It’s almost the end of an epic-ally horrid year, and time to set some goals and evaluate all that is amazing in life. What better way to connect with your kids than sitting down to a new classic Disney film! Mulan is the story of a fearless young woman who risks everything to become one of the greatest warriors China has ever known.

Mulan MindfulnessMulan has strengths and gifts that make her fierce and able to persevere. Disney has created a Mulan Activity Packet to share with your kids that is the perfect accompaniment to the film. Together, you can explore nature, goals, honour family, and practice a warrior mindset. Kids write out what they are great at, what can be worked on, obstacles and how to overcome them. They map an outdoor space in all its splendour in order to notice details in nature. There is a collage aspect in order to create a dream landscape, and there is a brilliant section where kids can write about how nature inspires them and sends strength. Kids can even create a family crest.

Mindfulness and Mulan

Connect with Nature

Mindfulness is a skill that we can all work on throughout life, and Mulan is certainly the optimal role model for this practice. There is a section where the family can meditate together, experience gratitude, and clear the mind of tasks that are overwhelming.

Disney Plus MulanRemember when we were kids, and Sunday nights were all about Disney movies? I miss those special occasions, and how the new week was bookmarked with a family movie night. In a time when we all need a bit of a pick-me-up, I have two Disney + codes to give away over on instagram for our US readers, and I hope that you download this incredible Mulan activity packet to create a perfect movie night with your family! I’d love if you shared back with me what your kids create, and the impact the film has had on your family.