As a parent coach, I spend a lot of time with moms. More often than not, there is one common thread: She is overwhelmed, exhausted and feels locked into certain patterns with her kids.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s a very common story but it doesn’t have to be this way…

Have you ever had this interior monologue?

How can it be Sunday night already? Where did the weekend go? I’m so tired. I’ve got so much to do before I get to bed. Every Sunday night is the same and every Monday morning I feel like I’m starting off on the wrong foot.

Feeling Overwhelmed as a Parent

I’m so tired of making lunches and I’ve just realized that I forgot to stock up for the week. The dog has to go to the vet again, how will I fit that in? There’s only enough Rice Krispies for one tomorrow morning; now we are sure to have fighting in the morning. My husband has to go out of town for the week, how will I make Wednesday afternoon work? And my work! I have so many deadlines and can’t even begin when my head is filled with all these competing draws. And I know I should talk to someone about managing my five year old’s behaviour better…when will our conflicts/struggles lighten up? His constant defiance and control is driving me crazy.

I think I need a month’s worth of weekends to get my life straight.

“What does this say about me as a person?”

“What would my friends think of me if they knew the truth?”

As a Mom, you may find yourself thinking that you just can’t take anymore, only to find a few days later things are not so bad. Then, WHAM!… things fall apart again.

The days may come and go, months pass but the patterns continue.

It’s tempting to talk with friends but they all seem to be in similar boats, complaining about how busy they are, how their kids don’t listen and how there is just no time for anything.

You’re so not alone.

Questions Posed by a Parent Coach

I ask the moms I work with to consider these questions:

How can you change the patterns that seem to be all around you?

What boat do you want to be in?

How could you feel more content?

Imagine if Sunday night came around and you had had a totally relaxing weekend with your family. Your once controlling, defiant child joined in all the fun without ruining it and you didn’t have to bribe him. You had a great dinner out with friends on Saturday night. You got your ducks in a row for the week. It’s 8pm, the kids are all in bed and the thought of next week is no longer scary. In fact, it’s welcome! You have the lunches all ready for Monday morning. There’s enough Rice Krispies to feed an army and your favourite yoga class is at 10am on Monday morning.

Working with a Parent Coach can help you move you from that place of overwhelm, chaos and lack to a place of energy, abundance and joy. We can help get you off that mouse wheel. We can help you find a much better boat, one that is perfect for you and your family – a custom built boat!

What do Parent Coaches Do?

Parent Coaches do this by helping you:

  • Find clarity, purpose and direction
  • Unveil fresh perspective and possibility
  • Find inspiration and aliveness
  • Gain insight, understanding and appreciation of yourself
  • Transform worry, doubt, guilt and overwhelm into confidence, courage, energy and joy
  • Restore your self-belief
  • Feel and experience someone by your side who:
    • Holds space for you
    • Listens deeply to you
    • Sits with you with no judgment
    • Doesn’t bombard you with advice at every turn
    • Compassionately nudges you towards fresh beginnings and a new tomorrow
    • Gives you hope
  • Use your strengths, tap your expertise and allow you to see beyond your immediate challenges
  • Shift your focus to include all that is working and use that to motivate you
  • Catalyze positive change
  • Use your knowledge of your family along with their knowledge of the process required to bring about sustainable change, not just quick fixes
  • Form a bridge from your current reality to where you want to be, building the bridge as you walk on it, one step at a time…
    • to the relaxing Sunday night
    • to a place where you are not continually negotiating and arguing with your child/children
    • to a place where you feel heard and respected
    • to a place you know exists yet is not on your radar
    • to a place of deep knowing and trust
    • to a place of energy, deep fulfillment and joy
  • Get to a place where you live your life in alignment with your values
  • Gain the strength and courage to step out of your current boat into one that serves you and has the capacity to navigate new challenges along the way.

Taking Control of Life as a Parent

Why wait till tomorrow or for another Sunday night?

Why listen to those voices in your head any longer?

Why stay in a boat that doesn’t serve you?

Much of the story I shared was from one of my clients, whose imaginary place is now her reality.

She was tired of listening to those voices in her head, tired of always thinking things would change only to find they didn’t. She was tired of believing that she might not have what it takes. She took the plunge, held her head up high and signed up with me as her Parent Coach. She turned things around, gained fresh perspective, a clearer lens and intentionally put herself on a different path.

She no longer has to dream of better places, she lives there.

She no longer spends her days trapped in a haze of fatigue, challenge and overwhelm.

Instead, she thrives in a place filled with joy and energy:

“It was the best thing I ever did for me and my family.”

You can do it too.

Discover how Parent Coaching can give you that necessary pause to re-evaluate your current life and gain the clarity you need to help energize you to take those little steps that will carry you towards your dreams.

Louise Clarke is a PCI Certified Parent Coach at