Kids love music, just like we do. Childhood is when we begin forming our musical sensibilities and preferences, and it’s also when we learn like sponges. So, choose your Kid CDs wisely: select music that is smart and fun, and try something different every now and then, since variety is the spice of life! After all, how many times and ways can “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” be done? Here are some of the best, funnest, most popular and smartest Kid CDs out there.

Anything by They Might Be Giants. OK, you’re asking yourself, I think I remember these guys from way back? They had a couple of songs that were popular back in the early 1990s (“Ana Ng” and “Istanbul was Constantinople,”). They’re a quirky, adorable, and very smart duo whose genre of music is almost indefinable, but is best summed up as “cool and funny.” They have all kinds of kid-centered albums now, such as “Here Comes Science”, “Here Come the ABC’s” and “Here Come the 123’s”, and more. Their style is easy to sing, unbelievably catchy, and will foster a sense of humor and appreciation for musical diversity, all while teaching stuff at the same time!

Sesame Street: Kids Favorite Songs. OK, these are your standard kid’s songs, but they’re done by the gang at Sesame Street. It’s one of those collections that every kid should have and know by heart, in order to say they’re been raised properly (wink).

For the Kids. This collection of songs (some classics, some new compositions) for kids comes to you from several of the best modern bands around, such as Five for Fighting, Remy Zero, Wilco, Darius Rucker, Sarah MacLachlan, Bleu and Chantal. Impeccable, fun, and extremely catchy.

Car Ride Fun Kid Singalong. Even if you’re not a big fan of kiddie music, this collection of old favorites (“She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain,” “Apples and Bananas,” “Wheels on the Bus”) gets kids’ toes tapping and dancing like moneys…in their car seats.

Family Time: Ziggy Marley. Ziggy Marley, the talented progeny of reggae giant Bob Marley, brings this funky and oh-so-entertaining collection of kid-oriented songs. It is fun, catchy, and opens a new musical vista to your child that is nothing but refreshing.

You Are My Little Bird, by Elizabeth Mitchell. Elizabeth Mitchell is a consummate folk/indie artist whose pure voice and rich musicality are showcased in this collection of kid-oriented songs, old favorites and new originals combined in one great CD.