Raising children can be the most rewarding experience on earth. However, at times, it may also seem like the most frustrating. There are no secrets to being a good parent but these ten tips should get you on the right path.

Set ground rules

No matter what age your child is you must first establish what is and isn’t acceptable. Once they have a framework of behavior they know when they have crossed the line and the consequences of their action.

Be a strong role model

Don’t let your kids catch you behaving in a way they have been scolded for previously. Remember your children look up to you for guidance. If they see you get frustrated or angry they will copy this behavior in the future.

Make the punishment fit the crime

If your child misbehaves by not putting their toys away when asked on the first occasion it does not mean they should sent to bed without dinner. Again consistency is important. Decide what the appropriate level of punishment for the behavior is, and stick to it.

Be consistent

Which behavior is worse: A tantrum in a grocery store with strangers watching or the same tantrum in the privacy of your own home? Just because there are other people watching does not mean the level of behavior is worse. Nor does it imply that the punishment should be more severe. Ensure that you are consistent when using punishment to discipline your child.

Praise your children for good behavior

Instead of only focusing on what they do wrong, remember to praise them when they are being well behaved. This reinforces their behavior that led to the praise and makes it more likely to continue on the future.


There will be times when your child just plain refuses to do what they are told. They are old enough to realize they can say NO. This is a sign that your child is becoming more independent but they do not fully understand the situation. Explain to your child the reason why they must do as they are told. Discuss the situation with them and in a manner that you would like to be spoken too.