En route home from the ROAR Retreat in Cost Rica, I did a wee stop in Las Vegas to save one flights (which was promptly negated by my trip to the outlet mall). Wanting to try a newer boutique hotel, I picked the Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas. It’s one of those warm, posh places with masculinity oozing from each view.

Cromwell Las Vegas CasinoCromwell Hallway

As with other intimate spaces, the bartender knows every name and the rich red drapery in the casino make you feel as if you’re being wrapped in a warm velvet blanket. Even The Cromwell Hotel hallways were symmetrically perfect and warm. Though I had only a few hours in Sin City, I did make it to my favourite Premium Outlet Mall. Ted Baker was beckoning, and my husband was texting with his sizes..

Though I had a phenomenally successful shopping trip, my carry-on bag wasn’t quite large enough to sustain the wardrobe additions. The Cromwell Hotel front desk manager and bellman called around the city until he found an inexpensive luggage store open until midnight only two blocks away. That is service!

The Cromwell Vegas Bathroom

The biggest ‘secret’ about the classy rooms, is that the mirror looking into the shower from the bed isn’t, well… really a mirror per say. Just a note in case you bring a friend into your suite…

Cromwell VegasCromwell Vegas Room

Although the shopping cut into my dining time (I wasn’t able to experience Giada) and Drai’s Nightclub was closed, I loved the hotel so much that I will make more time away from the stores on my next visit!