I spent time growing up in the Okanagan, so I was fortunate to enjoy many summer days at the beach. My happiest memories are sun-drenched and sandy! Stretching out on a beach towel to enjoy the sunshine, or sitting on one while building sandcastles, is such a great sensory memory.The softness of the towel fibres on my skin contrasted against the roughness of the sand at my feet is ingrained in my mind with its textures and sensation. As a mom, I want my son to have those kinds of warm, happy memories of carefree time spent at the beach as well.

For my family, summer really is about warmth, lightness and softness… and snuggles on the sand. So, when the opportunity came to partner with Snuggle fabric softener and enjoy a fun summer staycation outing, we were excited to be able to share how your kids can build their own summer memories, too!


We visited Kitsilano Beach, which is an excellent spot to take families as it boasts a pool in addition to the beach, and is an inexpensive way to spend time together. We were given some fluffy beach towels that had been treated with Snuggle (which is a GREAT household product that delivers MORE SNUGGABLE SOFTNESS when compared to the leading fabric softener*), which came in very handy at the beach.


My son also got to meet the Snuggle Bear, who was at the beach that day, and we even had a little dance off while we were grabbing our towels. That bear has moves! We sat on the beach and enjoyed the soft freshness of our towels while we ate concession food, played in the sand and ocean and watched the seagulls float on by. It was the perfect day at the beach. We made lots of friends because everyone was asking about our cool towels!

img_4189Since summer is always so busy, we often don’t have a lot of time for laundry, and we love that Snuggle keeps our fabrics fresh for up to 30 days!I need my fabrics to stay fresh as long as the summer fun lasts. My son has an unstoppable appetite for summer fun, and some days I don’t know how he lasts that long!

For my family, summer vacation is about building memories, laughter and togetherness. It’s time in the great outdoors and inside jokes that you only get from spending time together. With more than 30 years of history, Snuggle is a part of our summer memories. We are a unique, quirky, silly family and we build summer memories like we pick our laundry products — with careful research on what’s right for us. That’s why it’s so great that there are so many options offered by Snuggle – fabric conditioning liquid, dryer sheets and scent booster products.

We also don’t have to go far to get what we need, as Snuggle is available at Canadian grocery stores, as well as mass, club and drug retailers. The less time I spend trying to track down the things we need, the more time I can spend enjoying my family vacation, making memories and enjoying the softness of family love.

What are your favourite memories from this summer?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Henkel Canada.

Alison Tedford is a Canadian freelance writer and mom. She documents her journeys in parenting, mental health and fitness on her blog Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops. Follow her on TwitterFacebook and Instagram @alisontedford