imagesExercise is my drug of choice.  My withdrawal symptoms include extreme crankiness, a short fuse and waves of resentment. When I get my fix I feel euphoric, confident and proud.  I have never been one to consume caffeine. I drink decaf herbal teas and a lot of water.  Peer pressure has always had an opposite effect on me. As a result I have never smoked….anything. Shopping serves its purpose but I prefer sewing presents over buying them. For years I have felt like a misfit for the lack of addiction in my life.

Finally I fit in! My vice is getting fit….and soon it will be staying fit.

It may seem like I am an exercise pusher. I just want to share the high of feeling great about the way you look and feel. Your posture will improve and mood will lighten. Your clothes will fit better and with more energy you can stay one step ahead of your kids.

I have learned that exercise doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You don’t really need fancy moisture wicking clothing or expensive runners. Your own body weight is the best exercise equipment of all!

I crave the feeling of tension in my muscles and soreness when I walk. It makes me feel alive. For the first time in my life I want to get off my sofa and move around. I make the most of my days and procrastinate less. This has been a life changing experience for me.

So come on ladies. Share this addiction with me! This is a drug even a doctor would prescribe. This stash of new found muscles you won’t have to hide from your parents. Instead, you will be happy to show off your results with short sleeve shirts and snug fitting pants.