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Super Bowl is around the corner and the menu is the most important piece. My family loves these Spicy Shrimp Tacos, which are big on flavor without being as big on calories as a lot of Super Bowl fare. Fortunately, there’s some easy ways to enjoy the big game without missing out on all the foods you love. 

As you draft your Super Bowl menu, keep these three things in mind to keep the calorie count of your favorites down:

Ditch the Cream

No matter how you elegant the party, a reliable crowd-pleaser is a great appetizer dipped in a rich, creamy sauce. Even at the simplest of parties, sour cream and ranch dressings are fan favorites surrounding the television on that Sunday evening, but they also pack the highest caloric punch. Instead, opt for salsas and simple olive oil and flavored vinegar combinations to flavor your meal.

But how, oh how, do you give up all of that creamy lusciousness on these special occasions. If you really must have that creamy flavor, give Greek yogurt a try. Greek yogurt keeps that creamy flavor without the fat and extra protein. This topping supports your eating lifestyle instead of harming it.

Skip the Breading

Another favorite at the Super Bowl are deep fried chicken wings. These delectable finger foods have a crispy skin from the buttermilk dredged coating of flour or bread crumbs. In all actually, you could probably eat the skin by itself. However, we’re on a roll for this Super Bowl party, so take this opportunity to skip it and all things bread for the sake of your tummy line.


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Use the Oven

Many Super Bowl dishes use the stove top, from a pan to a deep fry. Since it’s the Super Bowl, and you’re often surrounded by men who could care less about keeping their selves svelte on this occasion, fried keeps everyone happy. This year, this of yourself and your goals. You’ve made real serious progress and don’t let anyone sway you. So, although it’s tempting to deep-fry everything at this indulgent occasion, try a baking recipe that will satisfy your taste buds.

Comfort food doesn’t have to be calorie-laden! Simple and delicious substitute for the traditional hot chicken wings and chips for your Super Bowl party!

Spicy Shrimp Tacos